Professional and Public Dissemination

All articles and other media publications listed below have been prepared either by us or journalists who interviewed us. They, along with our talks, promote the research conducted by the CyberBuild Lab and its impact to either professionals of the construction sector or the wider public.


Year Authors, title and date Link
2020 Forster A. M., Bosché F., Valero E., Hzslop E., Wilson L. & Turmel A., "Digital Detectives", RICS Built Environment Journal, p. 22-24, June/July 2020. link
2019 Forster A. M., Bosché F. & Valero E., "The changing face of conservation", RICS Built Environment Journal, p. 52-53, February 2019. link
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  The National, "New construction app for children launched by pupils from Leith Academy", 8 March 2017. link
  The Guardian, "Tinder for Cities" article sponsored by The Rockfeller Foundation, 24 January 2017. link
2016 Construction Global, "Game on: how gaming technology can transform the construction industry", August 2016. link
  Sacyr Global Innovation Blog, "Los obreros de la construcción quieren garantías de que sus datos se usarán para fines de salud y seguridad", 4 July 2016. link
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  Bosché F., "CyberBuild Lab - Capture it. Process it. Visualize it.", Magazine of th Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK) Special Feature, 4 November 2015. link
2015 CIOB BIM+, "Interview: Henry Riley’s Andrew Turner: Virtual project road tests Level 2 BIM", 4 November 2015. link
  BIM Crunch, "Best BIM Bad BIM: Alex MacLaren", 20 July 2015. link
  CIOB BIM+, "Heriot-Watt developing AR app to visualise developments in real environment", 15 October 2015. link
  CIOB BIM+, "Research team reveals immersive ‘hybrid reality’ H&S training tool", 21 September 2015. link
2014 CITB News, "Innovation is critical to Scotland's future", 15 October 2014. link
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  Heriot-Watt News, "New construction training lab launches", 11 December 2013. link
2012 Haas C.T., Bosché F. (2012), "3D imaging in the engineering and construction industry", Yearbook of the Engineering and Construction Industry Association (ECIA). link

Invited Talks

Year Talk details Link
2019 Bosché F. (2019), "Hybrid Reality: Visual and Structural Mixed Reality", Lectern Session - Immersive
and Virtual Environments in Transportation Construction, US Transportation
Research Board (TRB)
, Washington DC, USA, 16 January 2019.
2018 Bosché F. (2018), "Scan-vs-BIM for Construction Control", LOC Talks, Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany, 12 December 2018.  
  Bosché F. (2018), "Scan-vs-BIM for Construction Control", Knowledge-Intensive BIM lecture, Jonkoping University, Jonkoping, Sweden, 1 November 2018.  
  Bosché F. (2018), "Hybrid Reality- Visually and Structurally Mixed Reality", Seminar Series of the Laing O'Rourke/RAEng Chair in Systems Integration, Imperial College London, London, UK, 19 September 2018.  
  Bosché F. (2018), "Hybrid Reality - Visual and Structural Mixed Reality", Keynote Speaker at the International Symposium for Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC), Berlin, Germany, 24 July 2018.  
  Bosché F. (2018), "CyberBuild Lab - Digital Technologies for Construction", Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC), Blantyre, UK, 21 May 2018.  
2017 Bosché F. (2017), "CyberBuild Lab - Digital Technologies for Construction", Seminar Series of the Chair for Computing in Engineering, Ruhr University Bochum, Bochum, Germany, May 2017. link
  Bosché F. (2017), "Multiplying the value of BIM data through innovative digital technologies", BIM Scotland, Glasgow, UK, 17 January 2017. link
2016 Bosché F. (2016), "BIM for all, all for BIM", SME Forum For the Repair and Maintenance of Historic Buildings, Stirling, UK, 4 October 2016.  
  Bosché F. (2016), "BIM for all, all for BIM", CPD presentation, CIOB Dundee chapter, Dundee, UK, 19 January 2016.  
2015 Bosché F. (2015), "The value of 3D laser scanning in the age of BIM", keynote presentation, CITA BIM Gathering 2015, Dublin, Ireland, 13 November 2015. link
  Bosché F., Abdel-Wahab M., Carozza L., Sivanathan A. and Valero E., (2015), "ICE Project", Association for Project Safety (APS) BIM for Health and Safety (BIM4H&S) conference, London, UK, 16 September 2015.  
2013 Bosché F. (2013), "Building Information Modelling (BIM) - An introduction with a UK flavour", Historic Scotland, Edinburgh, UK, 26 August 2013.  
  Bosché F. (2013), "Dimensional control in the age of BIM", Heriot-Watt University Industry Day, Edinburgh, UK, 26 February 2013.  
2012 Bosché F., Haas C.T., Turkan Y. (2012), "Research on fusing 3D imaging and BIM for improved construction performance", 'IT to Support Better Construction Management' workshop, Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA, 22 January 2012.  
2010 Bosché F. (2010), "Automated construction of AEC project 4D information models (P4dIM) and applications"", Leica Geosystems, Heerbrugg, Switzerland.  

Other Media

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