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News Articles and Press Releases from the CyberBuild Research Laboratory.

  • The CyberBuild Lab welcomes  Fabian Pfitzner, PhD candidate from TU Munich (Germany), who will visit us for 2.5 months. His work relates to the automated processing of construction site images to automatically monitor construction progress and productivity.

  • The CyberBuild Lab welcomes Phillip Schonfelder, PhD candidate from Ruhr Universitat Bochum (RUB) (Germany), who will visit us for 3 months. His work relates to the automated understanding of images of 2D CAD drawings, in particular building evacuation plans.

  • The CyberBuild Lab would like to welcome Zhang Hongwei, PhD candidate from Southeast University (China), who will visit us for 1 year on a CSC Scholarship. His work relates to point cloud processing for Scan-to-BIM and Scan-vs-BIM applications.

  • We are delighted to welcome Mr Wojciech Boncela to the CyberBuild Lab. Wojciech is currently conducting his MEng in Electronics and Computer Scienceat the University of Edinburgh and will be conducting a 3-month internship with us.


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