Augmented Reality for Urban Planning. Better-informed people make better decisions.

UrbanPlanAR aims to revolutionise communication and engagement within urban design and master planning by creating a mobile Augemented Reality Platform (actually a Hybrid Reality one!) for architectural visualisation for planners and communities. The project is conducted in collaboration with LinkNode Ltd and received funding from InnovateUK.

The solution will implement state-of-the-art urban location tracking, and integrate technology to enable a smooth workflow with Building Information Modelling (BIM).

For more information, visit the UrbanPlanAR project website at: http://www.urbanplanar.com.


This is a teaser of the UrbanPlanAR mobile solution we are developing with and commercialised by LinkNode Ltd.

This is a case study where UrbanPlanAR was utilised.

This is another video of the UrbanPlanAR mobile solution being tested at Heriot-Watt University (Lyell Centre). In this video, the app runs on an iPad Air 2 and makes uses of its internal sensors only.

This video shows the vision-based (only) urban motion tracker we developed back in 2012 (work done while at ETH Zurich - Computer Vision Lab).

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URBANPLANAR Augmented Reality for Urban Planning
URBANPLANAR Augmented Reality for Urban Planning